Welcome to an inside look at all my escapades while traveling and living abroad.  Also, feel free to check out my youtube channel!

Abandon Village of Gouqi Island

The furthest eastern island of China lies a small village left behind for Mother Nature to do her bidding. Once a vibrant and prosperous fishing village, in the 1950s it is now a ghost town, blanketed in vines.  Abandon due to the distance from the mainland and lack of suitable port, the rest of the island is still teeming with small fishing communities.  I learned from a few locals that the islanders have been left behind from the modern, tech-savvy mainland. Even the internet is inaccessible to most villagers.  As a result, many youth are hanging up their fishing nets and departing for the mainland.

Only time will tell if the rest of the island will end up like the village….

Escalante to Death Hollows

Even though we got lost and almost missed our flight back to Minnesota.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my 27th birthday.  Utah is one beautiful state in the US and the national parks it holds are a must see for any visitor to the States.  To read more about this adventure check out Escalante River and the Unexpected Adventure.


Rajasthan, India

My trip through India was one amazing adventure.  It has changed me in more ways than I can count.  I am so grateful that I got to travel the great, beautiful state of Rajasthan with my good friends Jade and Oliver.  Check out Journey Count if you wish to see more adventures from this beautiful couple.  (video credits- Oliver DePaolis )

South Korea Summer 2014

This festival started back in 1998 and has become a massive party filled with mud, bikinis, random KPOP performances and fireworks on the beach at night.  Koreans believe this mud is rich in minerals and is used in manufacturing cosmetics.  If you ever get the chance to attend Boryeong’s Mud Festival in July I suggest you contact Stacy Kim’s Enjoy Korea for tickets, lodging, and transportation.  (video credits- Kevin Dockry)

Snowboarding in Japan 2015

One epic snowboarding trip in Hukaba, Japan that has forever changed my perception of what “sick powwow” really is.  Enjoy me struggling and having a total blast with my friend Kevin as we hit the slopes Japanese style.  To learn more about this trip follow the link.  (video credits- Kevin Dockry)

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