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If there’s anything that Korean’s love more, its a good celebration. Whether it is family filled fun or a good excuse to bust out the soju, either way, Koreans will gather and celebrate.  They have parties or festivals for everything under the sun. Love chicken and beer? Korea has a festival just for that.  Cherry Blossom trees are in bloom… have a festival.  Your town has awesome mud…have a festival. There is… Read More

The 2013 International Film Festival in Busan was an awesome experience.  Kevin and I took the KTX 45mins south to Busan from our humble home in Deagu for a three day weekend.  Upon arrival our day went quickly downhill. **This is the story about how I learned how important it is to map out where your staying in accordance to your main destination… THINK it would be common sense… but sometimes it… Read More

Courtney French's Clinical Experience

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