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For most of us, our first few days in our new schools were the most memorable.  From principles making you take shots, to awkward bowing ceremonies, to scaring the living daylights out of students in the halls… the first few weeks is why hand motions like ‘awkward turtle’ exist. In a society where your appearance says a lot about who you are and being attractive can either make or break you in… Read More

Growing up all over the midwest in the USA I loved winter and outdoor winter activities.  I love skating, skiing, sledding and a playful snowball fight or two.  Whether or not I am skilled at either of these is debatable, but nonetheless I do enjoy some winter fun.  So  I was quite pleased that Koreans also enjoy the fun of a winter wonderland as well. Once snow started to fall in our… Read More

This past weekend had me running around both metaphorically and literally. Weekend Itinerary: Jazz Club, Jinhea Cherry Blossom Festival, Sonny’s Birthday and the Daegu Marathon (10k), all in just two days. Friday night our good friends Jade and Oliver stayed with us.  One great thing about having Kevin’s apartment 10 seconds away from mine?  Guests get a whole (tiny) apartment to themselves when they visit.

Splash some color in your life!   It is well known by many Expats that the celebration of Holi Hai in Busan is one not to be missed.  For a small 10,000won fee you receive an Indian paper hat, and a sack of powder color. For those of you that have no idea what Holi Hai is, like I did… here’s an explanation.

10…9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1….HAPPY NEW YEAR! Is what 10 foreigners screamed on Heaundae Beach at midnight. Excited for our first New Years in a foreign land we had high hopes of what Korea would have instore. Crazy parties?  Tons of fireworks on the beach? A possible KPOP concert in the sand? Not quite.  When the clock struck 12, we cheerfully yelled into a crowd of people unshaken by 2014’s first few seconds of existence. ……… Read More

This weekend Kevin and I celebrated Thanksgiving with our closest 20 friends. My favorite English couple, Joli (Jade & Oliver) invited 10 of us to their massive apartment in Uiesong.  That group of 10, although from all over the world,  is my family in Korea and I felt so blessed to have them for the holidays. However, the holidays are tough for people living abroad and who were we to exclude anyone… Read More

If there’s anything that Korean’s love more, its a good celebration. Whether it is family filled fun or a good excuse to bust out the soju, either way, Koreans will gather and celebrate.  They have parties or festivals for everything under the sun. Love chicken and beer? Korea has a festival just for that.  Cherry Blossom trees are in bloom… have a festival.  Your town has awesome mud…have a festival. There is… Read More

The 2013 International Film Festival in Busan was an awesome experience.  Kevin and I took the KTX 45mins south to Busan from our humble home in Deagu for a three day weekend.  Upon arrival our day went quickly downhill. **This is the story about how I learned how important it is to map out where your staying in accordance to your main destination… THINK it would be common sense… but sometimes it… Read More

My first flight moving out the country did not leave me un scathed.  Keep in mind this was my first time moving out of the US and I was convinced you had to bring everything down to the hangers in my closet.  After all…….What’s a trip without a little drama??

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