Art of Flight.

My first flight moving out the country did not leave me un scathed.  Keep in mind this was my first time moving out of the US and I was convinced you had to bring everything down to the hangers in my closet.  After all…….What’s a trip without a little drama??

Flight to my new adventure in Korea started at 5am in the Minneapolis Airport.  My scale at home was an awesome 20lbs off and Delta wanted to charge me $500 for my checked while my mom tried to convince the check in personal to look the other way on my overweight bag, I frantically started shoving clothes that I had packed away into a garbage bag Delta gave me. I. was. that. girl.  You know the girl that everyone is annoyed with while they have to wait in line to check-in and she  is frantically throwing shoes, heavy coats and other embarrassing clothes everywhere. My dad sitting there (probably wanting to disappear) holding a pile of shoes well over his head and me still piling personal belongings on top.  20mins later my dignity thrown in a garbage bag along with my other personal items was carried by my parents and I was set.  The rest of the flight was pretty decent, mainly because they serve free booze on international flights. And with the great movie selection Delta provides, I was able to catch up on all the stupid chick-flicks and oscar movies I could stay awake for.  Hello 15 hours of being tipsy in a mini, cinema prison!
Upon arriving to Incheon Airport Kevin (my boyfriend) and I were quite exhausted and running on pure adrenalin of finally being able to walk again and being in a different land. The initial meeting of some of the teachers the first thing I noticed was, holly hell did I overpack.  There I was with 4 large-small suit cases and a backpack and a purse standing next to a girl with just a packback. (sidenote good thing I did overpack, cause I can’t fit into half of the cloths in Korea)
From the airport we were all crammed into a bus for another 4 hours until we would reach our destination in Jeonju for EPIK Orientation.
This was possible one of the longest days of my lift.

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